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Summer 2012 Misc. Posts


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Spring 2012 Misc. Posts

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February 2012: Misc Posts

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Crime Important Information!

A board member was made aware of the following, which has been copied and pasted for your review:

Hi Neighbors,
In the wake of suspicious door-to-door solicitors in Park Village this past Tues 1/31 and Wed, 2/1 please note:

1. A burglary on Ragweed St on Thurs, 2/2

2. How to subscribe directly to the Rancho Penasquitos (RPQ) Town Council Neighborhood Watch eblast list.

3. Addtl action we can take, per the Rancho Bernardo (RB) Neighborhood Watch, which has also experienced a recent rash of suspicious solicitors.

A friend’s house on Ragweed Street between Brassica and Pathos was burglarized yesterday (Thurs 2/2). It is suspected that the burglar came through the window from the back side of the house as it was closed but not locked. The police came after a call was placed to the non-emergency line. My friend was told that they were the first case in our neighborhood.

It wasn’t obvious that someone broke into her house until she started looking though all the drawers after she came home from work around 7:30 PM. Then, she found boxed in the drawers were opened. The thief took jewelry and some gadgets.

2. How to subscribe to the RPQ Towne Council Neighborhood Watch eblast

Although Officer Steffen was not able to attend out Town Council meeting last night, Robin Kauffman from the Rancho Bernardo Civic Association and RB Neighborhood Watch some information for us to be aware of. Please read the forwarded message (#3) below.

Please forward to neighbors who have not joined our eBLAST list. Simply tell them to send an e-mail to nhw@rpcouncil.com with the word subscribe in the subject.

3. Recommendations Re: Door to Door Solicitors

After a rash of door-to-door solicitor problems of non-legit people, we sent the following notice out – again, after several other warnings were sent out with descriptions of the individuals and what they were selling:

RB Neighborhood Watch (RBNHW) wants to remind residents to be very careful of door-to-door solicitors. It is suggested to do your ‘homework’ before giving money to any solicitors, no matter how friendly they seem or if they mention names of your neighbors. Ask for literature and say you will get back to them after you read it. Legitimate door-to-door solicitors are required to have a solicitors photo ID badge displayed on them when soliciting for donations of any sort. Check with the City of San Diego’s Permits and Licensing Unit (under the City of San Diego) –
http://www.sandiego.gov/police/pdf/permits/solicitors.pdf to determine if this organization is a nonprofit organization that obtained a permit to legally solicit door-to-door. If not, report them immediately, 858-484-3154 or 619-531-2000.

West Chase: Door-to-door solicitors were seen Thursday, 2/2. When confronted by a resident, the two young men conveyed that they were selling magazines. Yet, they didn’t have a clip board, nor a visible badge. The police were called, drove throughout our neighborhood, and left.

Many residents have also signed up to: crimemapping.com for alerts. It’s a good idea to utilize all resources that are available.

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Noise Complaint

CCR should have provision to include baning loud drum playing day and night and waking up the whole community. The drumm playing comes from somewhere on the Park Run Road. I have heard drum playing at 10.30 in the evening, continuous dog barking, heavy bass sound partying at 1.30-2.00am . Has the Board of Directors no responsibilities in mitigating these non-desirable activities!/ do you (BOD) want to keep the community going on with all these and put up with it! This has really crossed tolerance threshold.

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The Fall newsletter has arrived!


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West Chase – Misc. comments and suggestions

If you don’t see a post that applies to you, please feel free to utilize this category – Thank you!

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Summer 2011 Newsletter has arrived!

Did you receive your Summer 2011 newsletter? Is there anything you’d like to see in the next newsletter? Please let us know by leaving a comment here or sending an email to westchasehomeowners@gmail.com.

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Did you receive your Summer 2011 newsletter? Is there anything you’d like to see in the next newsletter? Please let us know by leaving a comment here or sending an email to westchasehomeowners@gmail.com.

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Changes are Coming to West Chase!

You may have noticed some activity on the greenbelt recently. Two of our goals as the new board are already being implemented and we are very excited!

One of our goals was to fix the sprinkler problem that caused us lots of money last year in inefficient watering. When we looked into the problem, we discovered that approximately two thirds of our sprinkler heads were running off of one system while only one third was on the other. We are currently having the system adjusted so that it’s more of a 50-50 split. This will result in even water pressure, more efficient watering, and most importantly, less money in water bills!!

We are also having the path re-done on the greenbelt. At the beginning of the year, the path was full of broken bender boards, holes and divets, and was generally an eyesore in the jewel of our community. The path is being re-graded, the bender boards are being replaced, and new DG is being installed. This will create a more user-friendly path and will add value to our community for years to come!

We have also approved a bid to make repairs to the stucco monuments at our community entrances. This work will commence within the next few weeks.

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